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With Matador tyres you’re ready for any mission, because they’ve been developed by professionals. Matador’s many years of successful experience in tyre development is reflected in its dynamic, modern and efficient products. With Matador you’re ready for any challenge.

As part of the prestigious Continental Group, Matador has a long tradition of meeting high quality requirements thanks to European competence in production and technology.

At the Tyre & Service Centre we supply a whole host of car tyre brands including Premium, quality and budget options. You can be assured that we will find a tyre to fit your budget and your needs.

Benefits to new tyres?

Having the right tyre is important and can have compelling benefits for drivers:

  • Increased safety: deficient or worn tyres can weaken your vehicle’s grip on the road, making it difficult to stop and increasing the risk of losing control, especially in wet conditions.
  • Improved performance: Your vehicle’s tyres determine how much power it can put out, and also how well it starts, stops, and drives in general.
  • Fuel economy: the more worn your tyres become, the harder the vehicle has to work in order to put all its power on the ground, which in turn increases fuel usage.
  • Better ride: new tyres with functional treads provide a smoother and quieter ride, enhancing your and your passengers’ driving experience.